Stuff Happens - Burning Coal Theatre Company

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is perfectly played by Matthew Baldiga, with Blair’s looks, voice, and demeanor. - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

…a series of vivid performances from a veritable who’s-who of American and British leadership at the time…Matthew Baldiga’s prim, precise reading of hard-pressed British prime minister Tony Blair is another. - INDYWeek

…I can say that his performance as the anxiety-ridden Blair was one of my favorite’s in the show. His scenes with Babbit’s Bush were show highlights and his exasperation with having to balance his desire to be popular with his country and his desire to maintain his relationship with America provides much of the show’s comedy. - NC Theater Stories

Othello - California Shakespeare Theatre

Gardner's trusty Cassio and Matthew Baldiga's comically duped Rodrigo make strong impressions...             - SF Examiner

...while Matthew Baldiga shows us exactly what a lame weakling looks like in his Roderigo. - theatruis

...a study in insecurity by Matthew Baldiga   - Easy Bay Times


You Never Can Tell - California Shakespeare Theatre

When Valentine, a dentist, who cares little for his profession meets Gloria, the daughter of a famous feminist, it's love at first sight. But neither party is ready to surrender either their ideals or their souls. And so the war is on. Matthew Baldiga and Sabina Zuniga Varela give the kind of performances Shaw's plays demand. They are gracious, proud, foolish, biting, and always of this world. In Shaw, love is never enough; the world must come with it ... I wish all the performances were as good and modulated as Baldiga, Varela, and Scheie's... - KQED

There are also some electric moments as the dentist attempts to seduce Gloria. Baldiga ricochets from pompous to palpitating as he pulls out all the stops, by turns begging and bragging, just to keep the lady in the same room with him. - The Mercury News

Baldiga and Zuniga Varela are perfectly matched as the conflicted potential lovers... - For All Events

...the impecunious dentist (nicely done by Matthew Baldiga)...I enjoyed watching Valentine and Gloria negotiate their way through their difficulties with the institution of marriage, while in the throes of love and attraction for each other.  - Culture Vulture

Ah, Wilderness! - American Conservatory Theatre

However, the most vivid scene takes place in the bar that Richard visits, with both Caitlan Taylor (as Belle) and Matthew Baldiga (as Salesman) offering up the most memorable and engaging performances in the entire play.   - Edge Media Network

Intimate Apparel - Chautauqua Theatre Company

...Matthew Baldiga fares better in his role as Mr. Marks, the Romanian immigrant who offers Esther Valencian lace, Scottish wool and charmingly awkward cups of tea.   - The Chautauqua Daily

Among the most delicious turns of the plot is the evolving relationship between Ester and Mr. Marks. This begins as a merchant/customer interaction before evolving into a comradery, a friendship, and finally, an unrequited affection. In this role, Matthew Baldiga is...adorable. The wide cultural divided between African-American seamstress and Jewish merchant allows for a sole and arguable erotic progression to unfold in this relationship. With the cultural divide between them so wide, a cup of tea is as steamy as this relationship can become, but Ms. Large and Mr. Baldiga get maximum impact from Nottage's efficient writing.    - Art Voice

From Red to Black - SF Playhouse

...nicely matched by Matthew Baldiga's solidly grounded, ambitious, socially conscious and too-sure-of-himself detective Jack.   - SFGate

...and the younger, college- educated “good cop,” Flanagan (a strong Matthew Baldiga).   - San Francisco Examiner

The Lady's Not for Burning - Parenthesis

Matthew Baldiga, as Humphrey, and Jared Thompson, as Nicholas, make an entertaining pair of comically contrasting, competitive brothers.   - Backstage

Jared Thompson and Matthew Baldiga bring vicious goofiness to the Devize brother's incessant struggle to one-up each other.   - off off online

The Austerity of Hope - Fresh Fruit Festival

Nik Kourtis and Matthew Baldiga are funny and touching as a longtime couple experiencing difficulties.                    - Backstage